Does Auto Insurance Cover Riots?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Answers; My Car Was Damaged in a Riot – Now What?

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- If a riot breaks out in your town, your first thought probably has to do with the safety of your belongings. Acts of vandalism can be very costly to repair, and if your vehicle is parked in an area where there is rioting, you may wonder if your auto insurance policy would pay for damages.

Civil Disturbances and Riots: What Is the Difference?

A civil disturbance is any disruption –peaceful or otherwise – to normal social behavior in a community. In most cases, a civil disturbance is in response to a circumstance or system that individuals believe to be unjust and includes marches, strikes and protests.

A well-planned protest is unlikely to turn violent, but sometimes, after the organized event ends or if calm conversation is overwhelmed by anger, riots and rebellions may break out. A riot occurs when a mob is out of control and violent. Riots generally involve the destruction of personal or public property, including stores, restaurants, religious buildings, state-owned buildings and vehicles.

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Riots and Auto Insurance

No one wants to be victims of property damage resulting from rioting, and fortunately, auto insurance companies already have provisions for this risk in their coverage options. In fact, there is no need to purchase separate riot, vandalism and civil commotion coverage; if you have comprehensive auto insurance, you most likely have this coverage.

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