How Long Does a Traffic Violation Stay on My Record?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains When a Car Accident or Traffic Violation Is Removed From Your Record

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Auto insurance companies look at your driving record to decide how likely you are to file a claim. If your record is riddled with traffic violations and car accidents, then they know that statistically there is a good chance that they will end up having to pay out money on your behalf. As a result, if your driving record is less than perfect, you pay more for auto insurance.

We have all had our lapses in judgment — driving too fast when we are running late for work, letting a distraction cause us to rear-end the driver in front of us or speeding through an intersection when a yellow light turns red. Unfortunately, these can stay on our record for years, resulting in high monthly premiums.

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How Long Do Accidents or Traffic Violations Affect Your Driving Record?

The amount of time that traffic violations and car accidents stay on your record depends on the state you live in. Nationwide, a speeding ticket stays on your record for three years on average; in some states, tickets fall off in a year and others, they stay on for six years.

In Nevada, the Department of Motor Vehicles uses a demerit point system. Traffic violations are assigned a point value. For example, following a vehicle too closely is four points, reckless driving is eight points and failing to dim your headlights is two points. Accumulating a certain number of points may cause your license to be suspended for six months. Points only stay on your record for 12 months, meaning that after a year, traffic violations no longer affect your auto insurance premium.

Car accidents stay on your record for longer. Again, this varies widely by state. In Nevada, most crashes stay on your record for three years, though a serious crash that results in a conviction stays on your record for 10 years.

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