Is Towing and Roadside Service Included With Auto Insurance?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains The Use Of Optional Coverage for Your Auto Policy.

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Towing and Roadside Service coverage can reimburse you if your car breaks down and you need a tow. How this added auto insurance coverage works varies greatly from company to company. It is usually an optional coverage that can be added to your auto insurance policy. It's important to ask your auto insurance agent to make certain that it is added in your policy. Towing and roadside assistance are usually very inexpensive. Sometimes even as low as $1/month or so.

This cost obviously does vary from company to company, but don't just tell your insurance agent that you want "full coverage" and assume they've added it. You must ask to make certain it has been added. Many people wish to have the coverage removed thinking it will save money, but it is so inexpensive, you may be hurting yourself in the future.

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You should ask your auto insurance agent the following questions:

♦ Do I have 24/7 nationwide towing and roadside assistance/service?

♦ Do I need to pay out of pocket when the tow truck shows up, and how much coverage do I have? How many miles are covered?

♦ What happens if I run out of gas, or my engine overheats, do I have coverage? If so, how much is covered?

♦ Do I have Towing and Winching coverage? If so, how much coverage do I have and how does it work?

♦ Do I have Dead Battery and Jump Start Coverage? If I do, how does it work?

♦ Do I have Flat Tire Coverage? If I do, how does it work? What if I don't have a donut tire or replacement tire with me?

♦ What happens if I lock myself out of my car, do I have a Lockout Service? If I do, how much is covered?

Other Things To Consider
Does my coverage follow me everywhere I drive, or does my coverage stay with my car? Meaning, if I am renting a vehicle, and I need a tow, is it covered? OR….what if my friend is using my car with my permission, and he/she needs a tow, are they covered. This is why you should ask if my tow/roadside service follow me everywhere I go, or does my towing/roadside service follow my car, everywhere it goes?

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