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Lepro AI-Generated Lighting
LAS VEGAS, April 2, 2024 ~ As a leader in AI lighting innovation, Lepro has recently announced the launch of its groundbreaking LightGPM™ technology. This revolutionary advancement offers smart lights that can adapt to commands and emotions, providing users with a personalized lighting experience like never before.

The LightGPM™ technology, which stands for Generative Pretrain Model for Lighting, is the first of its kind and is set to transform the home lighting experience. With over 12,000 effects and advanced AI voice and facial expression recognition, Lepro's latest offerings powered by LightGPM™ offer unparalleled customization and intuitive control.

The company has introduced three new products that showcase the capabilities of LightGPM™. The Lepro WL1 RGB LED Wall Lights come in various shape combinations and provide a wide illumination area without any visible dots. The Lepro N1 Neon RGB Rope Lights allow users to create their own shapes while also being waterproof and dot-free. Lastly, the Lepro S1 LED Strip Lights use an IC chip for customizable segment colors and provide a full immersion into the environment without any visible dots.

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Each product line caters to different preferences and requirements, ensuring that there is a smart lighting solution for every scenario. With LightGPM™ at its core, these products offer cutting-edge technology that is intuitive, responsive, and deeply personalized.

According to Lepro, LightGPM™ is not just a technology but a new era of smart lighting that takes into account human emotions and preferences. Through advanced AI algorithms, LightGPM™ can analyze users' facial expressions and voice commands to accurately interpret their moods and adjust the lighting accordingly.

In addition to emotion recognition, LightGPM™ also offers seamless integration with other features such as AI Voice Recognition and the innovative LightBeats Music Sync. This allows for effortless control and synchronization of lighting with music, creating an immersive audio-visual experience for any occasion.

Moreover, LightGPM™ is compatible with other smart ecosystems, making it easy for users to manage essential lighting functions such as on/off toggling, color and brightness adjustments, and timer settings.

The three new products powered by LightGPM™ are now available for purchase in the US, CA, UK, EU, and JP markets through Amazon and the Lepro website. With these innovative lighting solutions, Lepro is leading the future of AI lighting and enhancing the way individuals interact with their environments.
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