Nightclub & Bar - Vegas Shadow Bar Offers Subscriptions to its Vimeo OTT Platform as Utility NFTs

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Silhouette shadow dancers on screens in nightclubs around the world have been entertaining patrons since 2004. DJs and clubs have found them to be a great source of video eye candy when they don't have the official music video or when the establishment wants a theme night. "It really does set the dance floor on fire with the motion of the dancers and they are sexy enough to create an ambiance while leaving it mostly to the imagination," said VSB's London Benoit.

Using the Vimeo OTT portal in 2020 to relaunch the series via a special channel after the success of the nearly 20 long-form title DVD releases under the name Shadow Dancers (Available via Amazon, MVD) additional titles were added that are exclusive to the OTT offering. "Vegas Shadow Bar" is the new over-the-top (OTT) brand name that these titles are being released under, paying homage to the classic Vegas shadow bars of years gone by.

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These sensual titles leave it all to the imagination. Used by DJs on screens worldwide. Ambient visuals create a vibe that Nightclub & Bar rave about 'they add a captivating element to screens, patrons stay longer, and that's profitable.' Customers include Hard Rock Hotels, Silverado's, Texas 8 Ball, Whisper Lounge, Winchester Nightclub, Scores, Gold Dust Ent, Latin Rhythm, Spearmint Rhino, many more.

Now the ability to access a subscription using an ( utility token (NFT) lets people own a specific token that grants them an annual subscription (Currently for far less than paying directly) to the OTT portal with the option to gift, transfer or sell the tokens. If Ethereum goes up in price you could theoretically sell them for a nice profit. "It turns the subscription model into an investment, you buy access through the NFT and have the ability to use that asset in a way subscriptions haven't been used before," noted Benoit.

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As the Nightclub & Bar Show is evolving to the Bar & Restaurant Expo and it is back in full force in Las Vegas, establishment owners will be looking for tools to drive patrons back into their bars and clubs to once again fire up the party. "This is a special moment as we come out of the Covid pandemic. It saw so many ancillary businesses like DJs, VJs, visual creators, and suppliers of entertainment suffer along with the establishment owners. It will be great to see clubs back to full capacity and the fun back in a night out for entertainment," Benoit opined. "I see the option of Vegas-themed shadow bars becoming an option they embrace once again."

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