Entertainment News

10230957New live video network for students enhances college social life and campus entertainment

Registration now open for college student organizations to launch private live video networks via CAMPUS NETWORK LIVE

Online Arcade Winner Winner Cashes in on Chuck E. Cheese Tickets

With Chuck E. Cheese bankruptcy looming, Chuck E. Cheese tickets are now good at Winner Winner™ Live Arcade app.

10230765QUByte Connect 2020 - Digital Event by QUByte Interactive

QUByte Connect 2020 is bringing new info on 171, Breakers Collection, Project Colonies: MARS 2120 and much more

10230483Hip Hop Artist C.Y.B. is Slated to Release His New Album Called, "Today We Ready."

On stage Christian Hip Hop artist Cory Walker is C.Y.B., which stands for Count Your Blessings. C.Y.B. is proud to announce "Today We Ready", his upcoming album that's set to be released the last day of September 2020. Currently, the 8-song album is avail

10230280International Spy Reveals Secret Past/Future Concerns

"Ghost Operative" Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol shares his intriguing true-life story and warns how to prevent "a horrible repeat of history."

10230157Permian Museum Adds Gallery of Unknown Life Forms

SEDONA, Ariz. - -- PermianMuseum.com announced the addition of an exhibit featuring 20 enigmatic life forms from a quarter billion years ago. "The same process that created the dinosaurs and winged flight also created life forms that never made it into...

10229923'Sensual' is Out and Fans Go Ecstatic Seeing Heather Fay at Her Best

LOS ANGELES - -- Heather Fay is the next big star and confirming this is her latest project, 'Sensual'. The new project will soon be rocking the charts, and everyone is invited! 'Sensual' is about Heather Fay in her hottest version, and those who loved...

10229862Wild Weekend Planned for Int'l Wild Bunch Film Fest in Willcox Arizona, Oct 2/4

Meet Sheree J. Wilson from "Dallas" & "Walker, Texas Ranger". Other guest include Jessie Mapes and Duke Wimberly! The film fest is in conjunction with the 70th Annual Rex Allen Days!

10229705COVID Survivor and Emmy Nominee Launches Mask & T-shirt Line for Mental Health

Trevor Dow was motivated to design the line after battling COVID-19 and being in isolation for 3 weeks. Part of the proceeds of his line will be donated to Mental Health America.

10229542La Duke's Third Book Takes On Business Beyond Safety

The author of the books I Know My Shoes Are Untied. Mind Your Own Business and Lone Gunman. Rewriting the Handbook On Workplace Violence Prevention follows up with a controversial new book.

10229457Talent Concierge® continues to add Hallmark Talent to their Most Requested Speaking Roster – New Premium Content From Today's Most Daring Minds

LOS ANGELES - -- Talent Concierge® is the premier source, a non-traditional full service boutique agency for today's prominent masterminds, thought-leaders, business luminaries, and lifestyle entrepreneurs, announce an expansion of its Talent lineup...