LAS VEGAS, Feb. 27, 2024 ~ In a move that is set to revolutionize the casino industry, Acres Manufacturing Company has announced the launch of their latest product - Player Budget. This new customer rating system aims to provide casino operators with a deeper understanding of their players' spending habits and budgets, allowing them to tailor their marketing strategies accordingly.

According to Noah Acres, CEO of Acres Manufacturing Company, casinos in the United States spend over $25 billion annually on marketing to slot players. However, until now, they have been relying on flawed 'Theoretical' ratings systems to determine player value. With Player Budget, operators will now have access to precise information on how much each player is willing to spend, enabling them to maximize the value of every player relationship.

Player Budget works in conjunction with Acres' proprietary Foundation™ hardware, which provides real-time performance data from every slot machine in the casino. By identifying a player's largest in-session loss and assigning a personal spend threshold, Player Budget allows marketers to customize incentive offers based on each player's profit potential.

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But Player Budget isn't just about increasing profits for casinos. It also offers real-time protections for problem gamblers by issuing alerts for players who exhibit signs of unhealthy or compulsive behavior. This includes sudden and significant increases in spend limits or session duration.

Noah Acres expressed his excitement about the potential impact of Player Budget on the industry. He stated that casinos waste billions each year due to inefficient marketing offers caused by an inability to accurately identify a player's value. With this new solution, Acres Manufacturing Company hopes to deliver new players and profits for their operator customers.

The launch of Player Budget marks yet another innovative solution from Acres Manufacturing Company, cementing their position as a leading casino loyalty and technology developer. With its ability to provide precise information on player budgets and spending habits, this new system is set to change the game for casino operators worldwide.
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