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Nevada Insurance Enrollment Answers What Does Auto Liability Insurance Cover?

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- A collision can result in thousands of dollars of damage, and if you're the one responsible for the accident, you will be on the hook for covering the other person's bills.

As a Nevada resident, you are required to carry "liability insurance", which is used to pay for any:

"Bodily injury" (hospital bills including any pain or suffering or lost time at work).
"Property damage" (to their car or property) that may result from an accident that you caused.

How Much Liability Insurance Do I Have?
Your auto insurance policy expresses your liability coverage in three numbers, for example, 25/50/20, which tells how many thousands of dollars you have in coverage. So, 25/50/20 is really $25,000/$50,000/$20,000.

The first two numbers refer to your "bodily injury" coverage. This means the other driver's body and his/her passengers would be covered. The first number 25 would cover up to $25,000 for the other driver or any one person injured. The 2nd number 50 would cover all people injured in any one accident. Using our example, this would be $50,000. This 2nd number would be "per occurrence". The first 2 numbers, the 25/50 includes medical bills, pain and suffering and lost time at work.

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The last number 20 tells you how much "property damage" (other guys car/property) coverage you have. So, $20,000 for property damage you caused. Again, this could be an auto, a fence, mailbox, their home, any property of someone else. These 3 numbers are coverage for the other guy, not you or your car.

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