Artist ETHADAY To Release First NFT On The OpenSea Marketplace

Mask 3102 Reborn Original NFT Creative Group
2013 Digital Art Piece "Mask 3102 – Reborn" To Begin Selling March 24, 2021

NAPLES, Fla. - nvtip -- Artist Paul King, better known as ETHADAY (pronounced "eeth-a-day") in art circles, announced he will be releasing his first ever NFT (non-fungible token) series on the OpenSea Marketplace, March 24, 2021.

Created in 2013, the works are entitled "Mask 3102 – Reborn" and tells the story of an awakening within an outer realm of space, in which consciousness is hidden behind a layer of doors. These doors act as both a gateway and shield to keep the masked figure from coming into being. Spiraling outward, more of the mask comes into focus as each door is opened and portals into the soul are unleashed.

"I wanted to give a sense that deep down we are all being held back in some way from being our authentic self," King states. "Usually this comes in the form of having a public facade; a mask if you will. Subconscious doubts hold us back and keep us from our true destiny. The reality is, once you remove the mask, you can accomplish anything."

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The series will last 100 days, with one new release coming each day. Each of the pieces come with different backgrounds which, when put together, create a collage of shades, tones, and colors. All of the pieces are digitally signed by ETHADAY.

By making unique use of blockchain technology built on top of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, NFT's allow provable ownership of digital art and provide security of ownership in the form of a "smart contract".

King says, "It's an amazing time to be an artist. Non-fungible tokens have given new value to digital art in a way nothing else ever has. I never believed my art would be sold in such a way, however, I'm thankful to have the opportunity."

The "Mask 3102 - Reborn" series will be priced at E.01 (Ethereum) and each piece released will increase in price by E.01, ultimately rising to one Ethereum ("ETH") a day.


Paul King, known as ETHADAY in art circles, began his art career by cutting his teeth in the marketing and branding world. Being a hands-on creative, and working with multi-million dollar companies down to small local businesses, King developed a keen sense of visual production and was eventually elevated to Chief Creative Officer of a boutique marketing services firm serving over 150 customers and clients all over the world. Currently the owner of NFT Creative Group, in addition to visual arts, he's also an accomplished songwriter and has written songs with Grammy winners, Dove award winners, and various other number one winning songwriters. Learn more by visiting and on Twitter @RealETHADAY.

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