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This is a story of the day set apart for the Lord (August 15th). We are excited to share our wedding story with you.


It was a scorching August day in the middle of the Nevada desert where our wedding ceremony took place.  Just before 3pm with sweat dripping off of our foreheads, the Reverent Kenneth Baker asked Laura and I to recite our previously prepared vows to each other.  To be perfectly honest, my original plan was to "wing it" and just tell her what came upon my heart in that moment.  The hour before the Pastor showed up however I found myself in deep thought about all of the life that I had been lived up to this point as I then reflected on what I would soon say before God and everyone.  The day set apart for the Lord (August 15th) had been months away which then reduced to weeks away and now had become seconds away as the camera phones were now being set to video mode as the silence covered us up like a blanket.  "Ronald" the preacher signaled, "You may begin."

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"Umm.....  Babe..."  was all I got out before everyone began laughing as if I said something hysterical. Laura tried to calm my nerves with a smile saying, "I knew you were going to say that."  After the chuckles receded, I began speaking about the high points and low points of my life.  I mean truly, I had accomplished and acquired some pretty amazing things during these 42 years on earth but I admittedly had also lost everything several times too without an eject button within reach. During my vow, I summarized my life with the fatigue of building card castles and sand castles again and again just to witness them blown down or knocked over.  I then recounted a time in my life where it had gotten so out of hand that my soul cried out to God pleading that He would strip everything away until all I had was Him.  "That prayer was answered" I sternly announced as I continued the next section of my vow.....

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