Does My Auto Insurance Policy Cover My Trailer?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Presents Different Coverages Available For Trailer Insurance

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- You have an auto insurance policy that covers damage to your vehicle, but what if you regularly use your vehicle to pull your trailer? Does that trailer have the same coverage as your car or truck?

Generally speaking, your auto insurance's liability coverage will extend to your trailer. This means that if, for example, you're pulling your trailer and it sways and hits another vehicle, your liability coverage would cover the damage sustained by the other person. However, even if you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your policy, you would be on the hook for covering any damage done to your trailer or its contents. If you want to ensure that you are financially protected if your trailer or its contents are damaged in an accident that is your fault, you'll want to purchase trailer insurance.

Trailer Insurance for Every Type of Trailer

Almost any trailer can be insured, whether it's used for personal or business use. The most common types of trailers that you can purchase insurance for include:

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Personal Use

• Bike trailers
• Car trailers
• Horse trailers
• Boat trailers
• Cargo trailers
• Camping trailers

Commercial Use

• Semi-trailers
• Flatbed trailers
• Utility trailers
• Concession trailers
• Bulk commodity trailers

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