Have You Been Offered Health Insurance At Work?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Answers Are You Eligible For A Health Insurance Subsidy?

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Have you or your family been offered health insurance at work?  If the insurance was "affordable" you won't be able to receive a subsidy from the government.

Employer coverage is considered "affordable" (meaning you are not eligible for a subsidy) if the lowest priced plan offered by your employer (for employee only coverage – not family, just employee) is not greater than 9.78% of annual household income.

Anyone in the family that is offered employer-sponsored coverage will most likely NOT be eligible for a subsidy.  Whether you accept that coverage or not.

The rules of health care reform are that if the EMPLOYEES PORTION of the CHEAPEST health insurance plan offered by the employer is less than 9.78% of the employee's "household" income, then the employee and their families are BLOCKED from getting a subsidy.

I have been offered Health Insurance coverage at work…what do I do?

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You can't have an employer offering health insurance to you AND receive a subsidy. If you ignore this rule, you will find yourself paying back the IRS for the entire subsidy. If you receive a subsidy you were not supposed to have, you'll have to pay it back on next year's tax return. It is VERY important you are honest and accurate when stating your income as well as health insurance options offered at yours or your spouses work.

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