Health Insurance When Traveling - What You Need to Know

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains How Health Insurance Coverage Works When You're Away from Home

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- What happens if you need healthcare services when you are hundreds of miles away from the nearest in-network provider? How you receive emergency or non-emergency medical care and pay for it depends largely on your health insurance plan.

All plans cover emergency services at any hospital in the nation regardless of whether you are in your hometown or several states away. If the emergency is deemed life-threatening – such as if you were seriously injured in an auto accident – your emergency care would be covered as though it were in-network.

While this seems straightforward, there may be a catch: different health insurance companies have different rules on what they consider to be an emergency. If you are rushed to the hospital via ambulance for a life-threatening allergic reaction or after a serious auto accident, your health insurance company should be responsible for paying the medical expenses you incur, no matter where you get care. However, in some cases, health insurance companies will deny claims that they decide are not "true emergencies".

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Getting Healthcare When You're Away from Home

Schedule a Virtual Visit

Telemedicine is a great option when you are away from home and you need non-emergency care. If, for example, you are on vacation and you sprain your ankle or develop a condition like pink eye, you may be able to receive treatment advise and prescriptions virtually from your or a local to your location primary care doctor via telemedicine, depending on your plan. Not only is this option convenient – by not having to leave your hotel and navigate an unfamiliar city while you're sick or hurt – but it also lets you stay in-network. Many of the insurance companies are offering $0 co-pays for virtual visits, or very low co-pays, depending on your plan.

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