Nevada Insurance Enrollment: Why Lying To Your Auto Insurance Company May Have Serious Consequences

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- To offset the potentially high cost of auto insurance, some Nevadan drivers provide false information during the application process. However, if a policyholder is caught lying to their auto insurance company, the auto insurance company may deny coverage for a filed claim, cancel the policy or raise the policyholder's premium. Because insurance fraud is a crime, in addition to repercussions from the auto insurance company, there may also be legal consequences. Those found guilty of insurance fraud may face large fines, community service, probation or even jail time.

An auto insurance premium is based on a variety of factors, including the make, model and year of the insured vehicle, where the car is parked at night and personal factors such as the driver's credit history and gender.

During the application process, an auto insurance provider will ask a lot of questions to determine how risky an applicant is to insure. Some of these questions are easy to answer, such as whether the applicant parks in a parking lot or a private garage at night or what their highest level of education is. Others require a little more footwork, such as their vehicle's exact trim level and mileage or when they last received a speeding ticket.

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The application process for auto insurance can be complicated, and not verifying important information or even deliberately lying can have serious consequences. It may be tempting for an applicant to make their best guess rather than verify the specific details. However, this can result in inaccurate quotes.

It's best to ensure that every piece of information provided to the auto insurance company is accurate. The company will verify the information provided, and if there are discrepancies, then the applicant might be charged a higher rate, or their policy may be canceled altogether.

While small discrepancies in the information provided to the auto insurance company are generally caught quickly and are unlikely to have legal consequences, other types of lies are more serious. For example, to save money, some Las Vegas drivers may tell their auto insurance provider that their vehicle is stored at an address in an area with a lower crime rate, or they may lie about their marital status to get a discount on their coverage.

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These lies are actually considered insurance fraud. Insurance fraud costs auto insurance providers millions of dollars. Because this problem is so prevalent, most auto insurance companies have special departments whose sole purpose is to identify and investigate cases of possible fraud.

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