Preparing Your Teen Driver For The Road

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains 7 Ways To Prepare Teen Drivers For The Dangers Of The Road

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- 7 Ways to Prepare Teen Drivers for the Dangers of the Road

1) Brush Up on Nevada's Graduated Licensing Laws
2) Remind Them That Driving Is a Privilege
3) Practice Makes Perfect
4) Have Them Take a Driver's Education Course
5) Minimize Distractions
6) Have Them Watch A Short Accident Video
7) Talk to Your Insurance Agent at Nevada Insurance Enrollment

Adding a teen driver to your policy will likely affect your premium, so discuss this change with your auto insurance agent. If your teen is a good student, you may be eligible for a discount.

If you're tempted to NOT add them to your policy, think again. That is not a good idea for so many reasons and you are just asking for years and years of trouble.

The main risk is being sued and not having proper coverage.  Also, they won't get "credit" on their driving credit history record for being a "rated driver".  What this means is that your future insurance company will look at the driving history of a licensed driver, and if they don't see a driver being "rated" then as far as the insurance company is concerned, that teen driver has been driving uninsured.  This will make them uninsurable, or their rates to be super high when they try to insure themselves in the future.

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