Private Passenger Vehicles Hard to Get Auto Insurance For

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains Why Certain Private Passenger Vehicles Are Hard To Insure

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Tricky to insure private passenger vehicles. "Private Passenger" simply means 4 wheels, motorized, passenger vehicles that are licensed and registered, and used for personal use, not business use.

Some vehicles are simply more difficult to get auto insurance for.

♦ Vehicles with illegal customization's are not roadworthy
♦ No address
♦ Salvage Titles
♦ Leased or rented vehicles from private individuals
♦ Any vehicle where there is regular access to a non-listed non-relative licensed driver
♦ Homemade or significantly modified automobiles, or custom-built vehicles
♦ No registration or not street worthy
♦ Commercial vehicles owned by a Company, these must be commercially insured
♦ Imported cars that have not gotten their conversions, if they are required, to meet US standards

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