YEAR 2 is Looking for Personal Stories Related to Racial Inequality

Trending... is a unique eBook series that breaks into the real world with a never-ending story. The second book in the series will give one of the main characters an opportunity to explore issues related to racial inequality.

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- is a brand-new genre of books, called a Continuum series. When the book ends, the story does not. In between the fictional characters' adventures, The Writer and Victoria live and interact with the real world. Get to know them in real time as the story continues and fiction becomes reality.

The Writer is physically handicapped, and Victoria is a space alien who has taken the human form of an African American woman. In anticipation of humans venturing into deep space, Victoria is on a fact-finding mission to find out what makes humans tick and how their assorted cultures may affect other intelligent life in the universe. In YEAR 1, she did this through The Writer and from a distance. In YEAR 2, she will find out how being a woman and a person of color influences the way she is perceived and interacted with on a daily basis. These stories will be woven into a crime adventure involving the two main characters.

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The "reality" of the series occurs by way of a free website, which is also the title of the book. The main website is a collection of several websites. The story continues on the Continuum website. But there are also conversations between the two main characters, a continuation of a blog begun in the book, and a podcast between The Writer and a friend in the real world. There are also plans for a Zoom interaction hosted by the author, Mark I. Jacobson, and much more to come.

The author of the series is inviting anyone who may have a story to contribute, to contact him through the contact page of the website All submissions will be kept in the strictest confidence unless permission is given to release information related to the submission. Names and identifying details will be changed to protect anyone submitting a story. The information obtained will be for background purposes only, unless agreed upon by the author and the contributor.

YEAR 1 of the series is being distributed for free and is currently receiving approximately 150 new downloads per week. YEAR 2 of the series will be released in the spring of 2021. The Continuum section of the website is ongoing and links the book series into one continuous story.



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