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LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Author S.P. Grogan's debut novel, Vegas Die, went on sale in 2008 priced at $16.95 and went on to sell a respectable 12,000 copies. The Las Vegas Review Journal said it was 'one of the top summertime reads' and the mystery even won an award for 'Best Regional Fiction'. By 2020, the novel about 'retired mobsters being bumped off and the Vegas Mayor the Number One Suspect' was lost on the shelves, forgotten, selling at book stores and online sites for a mere $7.00. Today, within the last month, if you can find a used Vegas Die copy, they are selling for $49-$59, with copies in the United Kingdom going for nearly $65. Why the rapid price increase for the 352 page thriller?

There are several answers to that question, the main one being, Vegas Die is a "Quest Mystery"™. "My goal," explained author S.P. Grogan, "was to create a treasure hunt where the clues were hidden within the writing. A reader would first enjoy the mystery, then go back to seek a hidden dagger secreted somewhere in the Vegas Valley that was redeemable for $25,000 cash." After three years of searching by those called 'Questors', with bus tours to clue locations, creation of Questor Club discussion groups, and hundreds of arm-chair Questors around the world sending in their guesses, the dagger was never discovered, though many were close.

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Fast forward to 2019 when independent publisher, Histria Books, which specializes in non-fiction, decided to expand into literary fiction by acquiring the boutique publishing house, Addison & Highsmith Publishers, which held the rights to all of author S.P. Grogan's works. The editors at Histria Books agreed with author Grogan to republish Vegas Die if he would incorporate a new Quest Mystery in the story and a new treasure hunt is now ready for launch.

The prize of the Vegas Die 2.0 Quest Mystery, is a base of $2,500 with a percentage of book sales going to increase the prize pool to be awarded to the lucky treasure discoverer. Instead of a dagger, a pirate-era doubloon is out there, somewhere hidden in the Vegas Valley. Go to the author's site: www.spgrogan.com for QM hunt rules.

Vegas Die will be released in hardcover by Histria Books on September 15th followed by an eBook release on October 15th. You can pre-order the book at HistriaBooks.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other major bookstores and online retailers.

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Titles published by Histria Books are distributed by the Casemate Group. For information on publishing with Histria Books visit HistriaBooks.com. For more info on Vegas Die, contact: info@histriabooks.com or write the author directly at grogan.sp@gmail.com or visit www.spgrogan.com

Source: Histria Books

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