I Witnessed a Car Accident; What Do I Do?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Addresses Witnessing an Auto Accident

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye, and witnessing one can be scary. After an auto accident, all drivers involved are required to stay at the scene where information is exchanged for auto insurance purposes. But what should you do if you witness a car wreck?

1). Pull Over
Chances are, everyone around you will be focused on the car accident, so do yourself a favor and put your hazards on and pull off the road.

2). Call 911
Cars can act unpredictably in the event of a collision, so it's important that help arrives as quickly as possible. Call 911 and provide them with location info, such as the intersection, nearby exit, or mile mark, and give them as many details as you can provide of the wreck.

3). Medical Treatment
It's natural to want to help when you see someone in distress.  Getting medically trained persons such as EMT's to the scene is absolutely paramount!  They know what they are doing and are training for these situations. If you decided to jump in and begin performing CPR on an unresponsive person, or help in any way before the police or an ambulance/emt help arrives, and your technique was wrong, or you got tired and stopped compressions before help arrived, you could be held liable. Obviously, this should be taken on a case-by-case basis, but there is the Good Samaritan Law that does provide protection to a point.  Good Samaritan laws generally provide basic legal protection for those who assist a person who is injured or in danger. In essence, these laws protect the "Good Samaritan" from liability if unintended consequences result from their assistance.

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