Auto Insurance and the Excluded Driver

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Elaborates on Excluding a Driver from Your Auto Insurance Policy

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- If you have someone in your home that has regular access to your keys, and the auto insurance company wants you to insure them because they have regular access to your keys. Whether you give that person permissions or not, they still have access to your keys.

What Is an Excluded Driver?

The insurance company may make you insure them on your policy whether you want to or not. The sticking point in this matter is do they have regular access to your car and keys? If they do, they need to be on your policy. If you remove the risk from yourself, and the insurance company, from paying any damages they may cause to your car or to anyone else's car (by excluding them from your policy), this may be the solution for everyone. Of course, explaining this to your excluded driver, that they are not on your policy, and they do NOT have permission to drive your car because they are not insured, will also help stop any mistakes.

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This is solved by "excluding" that driver. This would require paperwork signed and sent to your insurance company. It's a real thing that requires acknowledgement and signatures. It's very important you understand that once that driver is excluded, they have NO insurance at all while driving your excluded car/cars. Excluded is excluded. No if's and's or but's. So, if your excluded driver wants to borrow your car, and either one of you forget that theyve been excluded from your policy, and they get into an accident, you could be held liable.

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