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Nevada Insurance Enrollment Answers Should I Add Glass Coverage To My Auto Insurance Policy?

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Your comprehensive insurance coverage is designed to help you pay for damage that isn't caused in a collision, like vandalism or natural disasters. But what happens if you're driving along and a pebble flies up from the road and cracks your windshield? Or what if a bored kid with a baseball bat comes strutting through your neighborhood in the middle of the night bashing in windshields and mirrors? Now your vehicle needs a new windshield and a couple new mirrors, which is going to set you back about $600. Unfortunately, your auto insurance deductible is $500, meaning that you'll pay for almost all of the damage out of your own pocket. What's a perturbed car owner to do?

Well, if you've added glass coverage to your policy, then what you won't be doing is paying for a new windshield and mirrors. Full glass coverage pays the amount of a covered glass loss, and as an added perk, it has a low deductible. Your insurer will cover the full costs of the repairs up to your policy limit, and as long as the costs of the damages don't exceed your coverage limit, you'll pay only your small deductible.

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