D1srupt1ve Elevates Corporate Headquarters to the Heart of Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS ~ Las Vegas has become the new home for D1srupt1ve, a consortium of companies that utilizes artificial intelligence and innovative technology to shape the future. The decision to relocate the corporate headquarters to Las Vegas reflects a significant shift in the company's vision and aligns with the city's growing ecosystem in sports, entertainment, tech, and hospitality.

According to Nathaniel Hunter, CEO and founder of D1srupt1ve, "More than ever, Vegas is the city that is built for the entrepreneur mindset." He believes that the buzz around sports, entertainment, technology, and hospitality in Las Vegas creates the perfect environment for human interaction with technology - a key focus for D1srupt1ve. Paul Hoffman, head of D1srupt1ve Events, also shares this sentiment stating that "leadership at both the state and city level are putting a lot of effort, funding and incentives into the growth of this ecosystem."

While Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach have long been recognized as tech hubs in San Francisco and Los Angeles respectively, D1srupt1ve sees unique potential in Las Vegas. The city's magnetic energy surrounding sports, entertainment, technology, and hospitality has drawn attention as an ideal environment for fostering innovation. Additionally, Las Vegas offers an entrepreneur-friendly mindset supported by local and state governments.

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The vibrant and supportive ecosystem in Las Vegas combined with substantial funding opportunities has caught the attention of D1srupt1ve. The company is poised to take advantage of this support from Nevada state government through various incentives and benefits for employees. Discussions with Lieutenant Governor's office have further solidified their commitment to enhancing growth for AI-focused companies in the state.

D1srupt1ve's new headquarters is located at 2780 South Las Vegas Boulevard - a 17,000 square foot building right across from the newly opened Fontainebleau. The space has been named "Perception: a Disruptive Innovation Studio" and features dozens of AI-enhanced screens, immersive environments, and D1srupt1ve's AI technology embedded into the walls, ceilings, and every screen. Rutger Jansen, former SVP of Productions at Insomniac and D1srupt1ve's partner in the Perception space, expressed excitement about the partnership stating that "we built this venue for immersive experiences and got to know Nathaniel, Paul and their D1srupt1ve team working on a Formula One project together in the space. We're excited to take this to the next level together through AI integration and adding technology throughout."

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With plans to add 140-150 employees over the course of this year, D1srupt1ve is anticipating significant growth. A substantial portion of these new hires will come from the burgeoning Vegas ecosystem. The company has also formed a strategic alliance with Vegas-based VentureHaus venture studio, further solidifying their commitment to fostering local businesses in Nevada. Kurt Walker, founder of VentureHaus, believes that this partnership will continue to attract capital, tech, and talent to Nevada stating that "D1srupt1ve is a perfect example of exactly the kind of cutting edge partnerships we will continue to foster and welcome to our city and state."

D1srupt1ve's move to Las Vegas marks a strategic leap into a thriving ecosystem where innovation knows no bounds. As they embark on this new chapter, the company is dedicated to furthering partnerships, driving technological advancements, and contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the Las Vegas entrepreneurial spirit.
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