Have You Recently Lost Medicaid Health Insurance?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains If You're Losing Medicaid? You Have Options!

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Nevada Medicaid provides comprehensive health insurance coverage for qualified individuals in the state. Like many states, Nevada has an expanded Medicaid program, meaning that the eligibility requirements are based on income, not just age or disability.

Every year, Medicaid enrollees have to go through a redetermination process. This process is used by the state to evaluate members and determine whether they are eligible for Medicaid for another year. To renew Medicaid coverage, individuals can complete the redetermination form the State mailed to them. They can also call the Nevada Division of Welfare and Supportive Services at (800) 992-0900 or visit their local district DWSS office.

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Congress barred states from kicking people off Medicaid, and the DWSS temporarily stopped member eligibility redeterminations. Those who were already enrolled did not have to go through the annual verification process. This means that even if they had an increase in their income or a change in their living situation that caused them to become ineligible for coverage, they would not be at risk of losing their Medicaid health insurance coverage.

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Despite the fact that there is not yet a date declaring the end of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, the DWSS is preparing to resume member eligibility redeterminations. According to an analysis from Urban Institute, resuming redeterminations may lead to as many as 15 million people nationwide, including about 6 million children, losing their Medicaid coverage. In some cases, beneficiaries may not even know that they are no longer covered until they are faced with a bill from their doctor's office or hospital.

If you are currently on Medicaid, there are some scenarios in which you may soon be at risk of losing your coverage. Knowing your options can help ensure that you do not have a gap in health insurance coverage.

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