How Good Dental Hygiene Can Keep Health Insurance Costs Low

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains Going to the Dentist Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Overall Health

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Regularly scheduled visits with your dentist do not just keep your teeth and gums healthy, it can be an essential part of preventing serious health problems.

According to a paper published by the Dental Trade Alliance, a nonprofit organization that advocates for the importance of dental care, your oral health has a profound impact on the health of your entire body. This report outlines the correlation between getting treatment for periodontal disease (gum disease) and reducing health care costs. According to this research, routine dental care can cut down on, or even eliminate, the need for expensive health care services.

Below is a list of health services where money can be saved:

-Dental sealants could save up to $101 million in annual health spending
-Routine oral cancer screenings could save up to $495 million

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-Proactively addressing tooth decay could save $826 million in emergency care
-Periodontal care during pregnancy could save up to $7 billion annually
-If 60% of those with diabetes obtained regular dental services, annual savings could be as high as $39 billion!
-If half of those with pneumonia who relied on ventilators received regular oral care, annual savings could be $5 billion

What Conditions Are Impacted by Oral Health?
Most diseases result from a combination of factors such as genetics, environment and lifestyle habits. While receiving regular dental care may not be enough to prevent diseases entirely, it can reduce your likelihood of developing certain conditions.

Endocarditis occurs in the heart when bacteria from other parts of the body enter the bloodstream and attach to areas of your heart.

Cardiovascular Disease
Research indicates that oral bacteria can cause inflammation and infections that may lead to heart disease, stroke and clogged arteries.

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Prenatal and Postnatal Complications
Gum disease is linked to premature birth and low birth weight in babies.

Respiratory Diseases
Certain types of bacteria may travel from your mouth into your lungs and cause respiratory diseases such as pneumonia.

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