How To Get Auto Insurance On A Vehicle With A Salvaged Title

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains How to Get a Salvage Title Removed on Your Vehicle

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Cars with salvage titles usually are declared a total loss, meaning they are significantly damaged, and the cost to repair exceeds a certain percentage of the car's actual cash value. Each state has different guidelines to determine if a vehicle should be rendered a total loss.

After obtaining a Nevada salvage title, you can keep the car, have it repaired, and apply for a rebuilt title once it passes inspection. Once it qualifies for a rebuilt/branded title, it can be registered, driven, or sold. If you plan on driving a vehicle with a salvage title, you need auto insurance for it. Before getting to the insurance part, as mentioned above, your car must have repairs done, pass a vehicle inspection, and have a rebuilt title.

Auto Insurance For a Salvaged Title Car

If all you have is a standard salvage title, it can be extremely difficult to get insurance since the car is not deemed legal to drive. It's recommended that you first get the rebuilt title then work on getting some level of auto insurance coverage.

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Repairing the Vehicle

After purchasing your salvage car, you will need to make repairs to it so that it can be deemed safe for driving. Prior to making the repairs, you need to have a DMV inspection done at a Nevada DMV office where you'll be issued an Authorization for Vehicle Restoration. Ensure you entrust the service of a certified mechanic, maintain all paperwork on the vehicle, and take lots of pictures before and during the repair process.

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