In Auto Insurance, What Is "Named Insured" And Who Is It?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains What A Named Insured Is

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Your auto insurance policy is sprinkled with confusing industry jargon. For example, when you look at your policy's declarations page, you'll notice that it refers to the "named insured." But who does that refer to? Is the term interchangeable with "listed insured?"

A named insured is basically the person who owns the car insurance policy; it's the one who pays the monthly premium, enjoys the coverage protection that it provides, and has to authorize any changes made to the policy. In many cases, the named insured is the person whose name is on the vehicle's title. In the event of an accident, they'll be the one who works with the insurance agent, and it's their name that will be on claim checks.

Having More Than One Named Insured on a Policy

Generally speaking, only one or two people can be the named insureds on a policy. This is usually the case if the insureds are married or are both listed on a vehicle's title. If a vehicle is titled to three or more people, then two people will be listed as the named insureds and the others would be referred to as additional named insureds.

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Named Insured vs. Listed Driver

The named insured is the owner of the auto insurance policy, but they're not the only one covered by it. Your policy may also outline specific drivers, which are usually referred to as "listed drivers," who are also covered by the policy. However, listed drivers don't have the same authority as the named insured. They can't make changes to the auto insurance policy, and in the event of an accident, they can't file a claim and they don't have a say in the claims process. Listed drivers can be added to or removed from an auto insurance policy at the named insured's discretion (as long as state laws or the insurance provider doesn't prevent them from doing so).

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