Income Changes While Receiving a Health Insurance Subsidy

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains Why Reporting Accurate Income Is So Important

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Whenever your income increases or decreases, it's very important to contact your health insurance agent to update your new income. This way you can have your health insurance subsidy adjusted so you receive the amount you are entitled to. You don't want to owe the IRS money at the end of the year because you received too much Subsidy.

You'll Have To Pay The Extra Back!
For example: If your health insurance premiums are $1,000/month and you get a Government Subsidy of $800/month you'll only have to pay $200/month. At the end of the year when you do your taxes, the Government will check your income. IF you were only supposed to have received an Advanced Premium Tax Credit (Subsidy) of $700/month instead of $800/month, you'll owe the Government an extra $100/month X 12 months which equals $1,200.

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