Itronics Expands its Rock Kleen Silver, Gold and Base Metal Recovery Technology

RENO, Nev., Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Itronics Inc. (OTC: ITRO) an emerging "Cleantech Materials" growth Company that manufactures GOLD'n GRO Multi-Nutrient Fertilizers and produces silver, zinc, and critical minerals recovered from industrial and mining waste, today reported it has developed a Rock Kleen process that combines Rock Kleen liquid and conventional gold recovery technologies to recover silver and gold from silver-gold leach tailings.

Rock Kleen is a revolutionary, disruptive technology that recovers residual precious metals, including silver and gold, base and ferrous metals, nutrient materials, and industrial minerals from 'sub-ore grade' mine tailings. Rock Kleen also neutralizes 100 percent of any residual cyanide, used in original mining, rendering tailings cleaner than they were before processing.

Rock Kleen Technology is a potential "Zero Waste Energy Saving Technology," recovering a high percentage of residual silver and gold, neutralizing residual cyanide, recovering residual nitrogen and the "critical minerals" manganese, magnesium, and potassium from silver-gold mine tailings.  For suitably located tailings piles, the rock itself may be saleable.

The new concept was developed as an outgrowth of laboratory testing that was recently completed to evaluate the leaching capabilities of the Rock Kleen Technology. Several mining companies have inquired about gold recoverability using Rock Kleen. Testing has confirmed that Rock Kleen including conventional gold recovery technologies makes it possible to optimize recovery of both silver and gold. The new processing concept neutralizes cyanide after use and leaves the rock without cyanide residuals, making this an environmentally desirable process without the negatives normally associated with cyanide use.

Itronics has identified three potential projects that have a high silver to gold ratio and poor cyanide recovery of silver and gold. Two have had some testing to establish base line data, and testing completed to date indicates that it may be reasonable to expect 80-90 percent recovery of residual silver and gold. Actual results will be different for each project due to differences in tailings mineralogy and differences in the individual metals and minerals that can be recovered. Preliminary economic modeling of potential Rock Kleen projects indicates that the technology has the potential to significantly increase the dollar value of each ton of rock processed compared to conventional processing technology. This has the potential benefit of reducing the cut-off grade for purposes of defining ore which in many locations may make in place mineralized rock economic, and it may also make rock that is stored in overburden piles economic to process. This economic characteristic of the Rock Kleen Technology could lead to the revitalization of many former silver-gold mining districts. It also has the potential to extend the economic life of existing mines.

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"The new technology has the potential to "unlock" an enormous amount of value from mine waste materials that presently have either a zero value, or a negative value due to environmental protection requirements and related costs," said Dr. John Whitney, Itronics President. "This potential economic benefit is one of the features that makes the Rock Kleen Technology truly revolutionary."

As development of Rock Kleen processing operations progresses, the Rock Kleen operations could provide a whole new source of virgin raw materials, not only to supply the metal industries and battery manufacturers, but also certain nutrient raw materials for the fertilizer industry and industrial mineral materials for many industries including the construction and ceramics industries and industries that use mineral fillers. Existing mines and tailings from previously operating mines will be the source of these new virgin raw materials, so it will not be necessary to build new mines to gain access to these materials. Because of this, the new Rock Kleen Technology may revolutionize the way some of our mineral raw materials are produced, while at the same time reducing the negative impacts of mining on the environment and maximizing sustainability.

About Itronics

Headquartered in Reno, Nevada, Itronics Inc. is a "Zero Waste Energy Saving Technology" Company which produces GOLD'n GRO specialty liquid fertilizers, silver bullion, and silver-bearing glass. The Company is an emerging "critical minerals" producer. The Company's goal is to achieve profitable cleantech materials technology driven organic growth in specialty GOLD'n GRO fertilizers, silver, zinc, and critical minerals. The Company's technologies maximize the recovery and uses of metals and minerals and by doing this maximize sustainability.

The Company's growth forecast centers upon its 10-year business plan designed to integrate its Zero Waste Energy Saving Technologies and to grow annual sales from $2 million in 2019, to $100 million in 2025.

The Company's environmentally friendly award winning GOLD'n GRO liquid fertilizers, which are extensively used in agriculture,  can be used for lawns and houseplants, and are available at the Company's "e-store" on Amazon.Com at Due to expanded retail customer interest, GOLD'n GRO fertilizer may now be purchased in Reno, Nevada at "Buy Nevada First Gift Shop", 4001 S. Virginia St.

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