Judicial Candidates File Ethics Complaints Against Opponents

LAS VEGAS, May 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Two Judicial candidates have filed ethics charges against their opponents for District Court races in the Eighth Judicial Court in Clark County, Nevada. Mickey Bohn, a candidate for Department 24, against his opponent Dan Gilliam and Jack Fleeman, a Family Court candidate for Department V, against his opponent, Margaret Pickard. Both filings site a violation of Revised Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct Canon 4.1.

Fleeman's complaint is for multiple violations, including Pickard, a Hearing Master, misleading the public through several videos and pictures, showing Pickard sitting on the bench in a local courthouse, appearing to be a judge and wearing a judges robe. According to Judicial Ethics Advisory Opinion JE08-006, which expressly prohibits non-incumbent judicial candidate from wearing robes in advertisements, this is a clear violation of the Code of Judicial Conduct. Pickard wrongfully presents herself as an elected judge, misrepresenting her position to the public. In another video, Pickard states, "we are in my courtroom," again misrepresenting her position.

Both Gilliam and Pickard, are also in violation of Canon 4.1(A) which states that a "judicial candidate shall not USE ENDORSSEMENTS FROM A POLITICAL ORGANIZATION." Pickard and Gilliam both violated these canons by paying for and directing distribution of an advertisement for their endorsements by the Nevada Republican Club. In that mailer, along with Gilliam and Pickard, a number of candidates for judicial office stated that the Nevada Republican Club endorses these judicial candidates. The mail piece admits that each of the 7 candidates listed on the mail piece paid for the mailer. The flyer says, "vote for our endorsed candidates."  NRC Endorses Judicial Candidates

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In filing the complaint Mr. Bohn stated, "This is a clear violation. The laws are in place for a reason.  As a practicing attorney, Mr. Gilliam should know the laws that govern candidates for office. How can he expect to serve as a judge, when he breaks the laws himself."

Regarding Pickard's misconduct, Mr. Fleeman stated, "My campaign for judicial office has been significantly harmed as a direct result of the actions of Pickard's unethical behavior, because she acted in a manner to mislead voters. Not only have I been harmed, but Pickard has harmed the reputation of the judiciary and our electoral process."

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