My Neighbor Wrecked My Car, What Happens Next?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Answers; Will My Auto Insurance Policy Cover The Neighbors?

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Imagine this scenario: Your neighbor's car is currently out of commission, and they need to run a quick errand. You trust your neighbor, you're fairly confident that they have a good driving record and you don't mind lending them your own vehicle for the afternoon. Unfortunately, you get a phone call from your neighbor, telling you that they were in an accident while driving your vehicle. What happens now?

Whose Auto Insurance Covers the Damage?

If your neighbor was hit by an insured driver, the process will be simple enough. The at-fault driver will file a claim with their own insurance company, who will pay to get your vehicle back to pre-accident condition. If the collision was bad enough to cause an injury, the at-fault driver's auto insurance would also cover medical bills, lost wages and any other expenses associated with the accident.

However, if your neighbor was the at-fault driver, you're going to be the one to file the claim and your insurance is going to cover the damage. Your car insurance typically doesn't cover any damaged items that were inside of your car, although many insurers are now offering personal property insurance, which would help replace personal belongings that were ruined in the collision.

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There's an exception, of course, and that is if your neighbor drove your car without your permission. If it can be proven that your car was borrowed without your consent, it's possible that your claim would not be covered. However, because it can be hard to prove whether or not permission was given, your insurance provider may cover the damage and then decline renewing your policy.

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