New and Advanced Automobile Technology for Safety

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Presents New Automotive Technology That Saves Lives

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- We're well beyond seatbelts in today's modern automobile technology. There are many new safety features and just cool technology that keeps coming out each day, revolutionizing our driving world.

Forward Collision Warning / Emergency Braking System

"Predictive Emergency Braking System" this new and very technologically advanced feature uses radar to scan for potential possible collisions in front of your car, and if it senses another car in front of you that you are likely to hit, the feature will alert the driver via sound and light signals, if the driver doesn't react, then the system will activate the full braking power of your moving vehicle to slow you down or stop your car automatically.

Electronic Stability Control

This newer technology detects for you if your car loses its steering control, like on slippery roads, and it applies brakes on each wheel.  This helps the driver steer the car in the right direction without the car skidding around and crashing into other cars, tree's, barriers, or whatever. Understeering when the front wheels can't grab enough traction, and oversteering is when the car turns further than the driver is moving the steering wheel; both understeering and oversteering are corrected with the ESC system. The system will use each brake on each tire individually to gain control of the car's trajectory, and get the driver back into control to steer in the direction the driver wants to go. Each manufacturer may call it different things, like Electronic Stability Program, or Advance Trac, Vehicle Stability Assist, Stabilitrak, Porsche Stability Management, etc.

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