New book "THE REAL CRIMINALS OF NEVADA" Pushes Back Release Date

"We received so many credible tips and letters from other Nevadans, that we could not consciously not include them....." ~ Deirdra Ramos

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Senior Communications Director Deirdra Ramos of The Wilson-Bey Group Multifaceted, publishers of "The 'Real' Criminals of Nevada", announced today that the title's release date has been rescheduled due to an outpouring of correspondences received from other Nevada residents sharing similar stories of corruption and other horror stories about Nevada's government. Ms. Ramos went on to say that they have also received an influx of additional credible tips as well, even some from actual government employees that they feel the information is just too profound not to include in the upcoming memoir. For the book, author Emerald Wilson-Bey went on to share her account of how she filed a lawsuit against a "white man" who worked at her Las Vegas apartment in 2018, who she alleged was entering when she was not home and other harassments. In the filing she charged him as being a "Public Nuisance" under NRS law, afterwards she moved away, even abandoning the lawsuit. When she returned to Las Vegas, in August of 2020, she says she was immediately inundated with stalking and harassment. Claiming the city conspired to racially retaliate against her for the 2018 lawsuit, and this was confirmed when she was evicted twice in six months, and the charge for both was suspiciously, "Public Nuisance", and no evidence was ever presented, but instead both cases relied solely on corruption, even after paying $30,000 upfront to move into the second apartment. She decided to hire various private investigators and was able to secure indisputable evidence of the conspiracy, and other things within the city and state government for the sizzling manuscript. After the first press release, Elisa Cafferata, Head of Nevada Equal Rights Commission unethically canceled her intake appointments, and cruelly Dismissed them and fabricated that Emerald had missed her intake calls, when in fact there had not been a call for either appointment. Nevada Equal Rights Commission, Las Vegas Justice Court judge's and Las Vegas's Neighborhood Justice Center have all unethically and illegally denied the author "Mediation" services in any of the judicial events, even with knowledge that a child is involved, and during a pandemic, prior to vaccine accessibility. Patricia Sutherland of Las Vegas's Neighborhood Justice Center even stated to the author "Aren't you just wasting your time?!", and when the author persisted for her Mediation appointment, Ms. Sutherland ghosted her for that appointment as well, all to be shared in the book at it's new release date, on Independence Day.

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