Nick Jonas, Beyond Type 1, and NFL Alumni Association Unite to Launch National Initiative: Huddle for Diabetes

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 5, 2024 ~ In a groundbreaking partnership, Beyond Type 1 has joined forces with the NFL Alumni Association, singer-songwriter Nick Jonas, and Las Vegas Raiders Wide Receiver DeAndre Carter to launch Huddle for Diabetes. This national outreach and education initiative aims to empower individuals to recognize the symptoms of diabetes, receive a timely diagnosis, and access essential resources for managing the condition.

The multi-year partnership will utilize the comprehensive tools and resources of Beyond Type 1, a renowned national nonprofit dedicated to diabetes awareness and innovation. Leveraging its extensive network of retired NFL players, the NFL Alumni Association will play a crucial role in disseminating health education and promoting health equity across the United States.

Nick Jonas, who co-founded Beyond Type 1 and lives with Type 1 diabetes himself, expressed his excitement about the partnership's potential impact. He stated, "Together, Beyond Type 1 and the NFL Alumni Association will have the ability to reach millions more Americans across the country to help people with diabetes not only survive but thrive - particularly in underserved communities."

The inaugural event for this partnership will be a live symposium held at the Palms Casino and Resort in Las Vegas on Tuesday, February 6 at 1pm PT. Notable speakers include Kristian Hurley from Beyond Type 1, David Pearce from Sanford Research, and DeAndre Carter himself. Carter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 14 and is now a seasoned NFL veteran playing for the Las Vegas Raiders.

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Carter expressed his pride in partnering with Beyond Type 1 and the NFL Alumni Association to show that individuals with diabetes can still achieve their goals and dreams. He said, "Knowing how to manage diabetes allows you to lead a full life and perform at the highest level."

With an alarming 8.5 million American adults living with undiagnosed diabetes, Huddle for Diabetes recognizes the critical importance of understanding symptoms, reducing complications risk, and ultimately saving lives. Shockingly, one in three people with Type 1 diabetes has succumbed to missed diagnoses or inadequate access to care.

Brad Edwards, CEO of the NFL Alumni Association, highlighted the urgency of this partnership by citing Harvard University's 2022 research, which shows a 7% diabetes onset among former football players under 30 - significantly higher than the 1% prevalence in their peers. He stated, "By collaborating with Beyond Type 1, we will promote awareness of individual risk factors, symptom recognition, and proactive screening. This strategic partnership aligns with the overarching mission of NFLA Health to provide comprehensive care for our members and contribute to the well-being of the broader community."

To combat the diabetes epidemic, Huddle for Diabetes will deploy local activations nationwide through Beyond Type 1's Beyond Barriers program. This program directs individuals to screenings, provides clinical training, offers care management education, and facilitates peer-to-peer support. The partnership will also produce educational content in collaboration with the NFL Alumni Association and a widespread pharmacy network dedicated to enhancing care and improving health outcomes.

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Nate Checketts, Board Chair of Beyond Type 1, emphasized the importance of recognizing symptoms early on in managing diabetes. He said, "The uncertainty around symptom recognition is often one of the most challenging aspects of diabetes. Seeing the signs is crucial, and through our partnership with the NFL Alumni Association, we are thrilled to reach and educate more people than ever before."

For individuals with Type 1 diabetes, symptoms can quickly escalate into life-threatening conditions. Similarly, Type 2 diabetes often goes undiagnosed and can lead to severe health complications. With more than one in three American adults having prediabetes, initiatives like Huddle for Diabetes are crucial in promoting proactive health measures.

Deborah Dugan, CEO of Beyond Type 1, stressed the importance of awareness in ensuring timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment for individuals with diabetes. She said, "Collaborating with the NFL Alumni on the Huddle for Diabetes initiative will further drive our mission and expand our impact across the country."

Through this partnership, Huddle for Diabetes aims to make a significant impact in the fight against diabetes by promoting awareness, education, and access to resources. With the combined efforts of Beyond Type 1, the NFL Alumni Association, Nick Jonas, and DeAndre Carter, this initiative has the potential to change countless lives for the better.
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