Pound for Pound CBD finds new ways to reach a larger audience

Our CBD soothing Balm. Works absolutely amazing on outside body pain & aches. Such as, bad back, bad knees, arthritis, & sore muscles 1500mg CBD oil NO THC. One of our most popular items
LAS VEGAS, Feb. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Pound for Pound CBD has been working hard behind the scenes to bring that same premium grade CBD, to a new and affordable price point for everyone! Pound for Pound CBD prioritizes to be worthy of being the best in its class! We also managed to bring our patent technology and formula over to the pet side for all of your furry loved ones at home! Pound for Pound CBD understands that it is important to get the best nutrients and real ingredients for our furry loved ones. That's why we went ahead and made a 750mg CBD oil for pets! Works great when trying to calm them down, it can also help calm your fury loved one for stressful events such as, car trips or plane trips, Vet visits, and when fireworks and loud celebration is going on! Pound for Pound CBD has been proven to work great on your fury loved ones for anxiety and any situations.

We've also managed to roll out a BRAND NEW price point all across of our products. That's right! All your favorite products now at a more affordable price! We even made them travel size and under $25! What! Still the same great product that you love, but making it available to everyone, everywhere!

Pound for Pound CBD still swinging and educating the masses about CBD! CBD is on the verge of exploding! 2 out of 3 Americans have heard about CBD, but have not tried it. Why is this? A lot of people still don't know enough about it! A good portion of people still confuse THC and CBD together when they are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS! A big part of our job is not only to educate everyone about CBD, but how to use it and how it can be applied to your everyday life, and what the differences are between CBD companies and extraction processes, which we work so hard on our end to be unique and bring you the best quality. Over here at Pound for Pound CBD, we go the extra mile for our customers. Our extraction process is not only unique, but is patented technology! What we do over here is completely different than what the rest of these CBD companies do. We actually take our plants, and gently massage the oils out of them in a cool environment. Takes a long time, doesn't yield as much, but what you get is a pure, premium grade CBD oil that has not been tainted with gasses and a lot of other unnecessary products that they usually put into it. The only thing we take out of all of our products is the THC. We do NOT USE ANY THC in any of our products (except balm which is under .3% legal limit). We have world class athletes such as Mikey Garcia, Leo Santa Cruz, David Morrell, Will Demps, Carlos Emmons, and Takeo Spikes just to name a few, who depend on us to bring them a product that is not only going to do what it says, but is going to pass Olympics style drug testing and make sure they get the job done. The only reason we keep the THC in the soothing balm, under the federally legal .3% limit, is because our scientist have explained that on a molecular level, the THC and CBD combine together to work with each other in bringing the best possible results as quick as possible. All of our products are vegan, gluten free, Non-GMO, (except gummies) and made here in the USA! The gummies are peanut free and gluten free and made here in the USA as well! They are not made with our patent technology but they are made with our premium grade Isolate CBD and taste absolutely Amazing!

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Pound for Pound CBD offers a membership program of $34.99 a month where you will get a CBD product every month valued at $40 or more! Becoming a member opens you to more offers Pound for Pound CBD may be bringing, such as; glove giveaways, automatic entry to win tickets to big events, personalized memorabilia, meet and greets, and collectors additional items. You can join today at www.pforpcbd.com & follow us on social media! @PforPCBD

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