Qualifying Life Event: Making Changes To Health Insurance

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains Why This Is The Only Time You Can Make Changes

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Any of these "life events" will give you an opportunity and a responsibility to adjust your  health insurance plan. If any changes like these in your family occur, and if you are or are not receiving a subsidy, you'll want to call us to make the necessary changes to your plan. Especially if you ARE receiving a subsidy.

*** We recommend making changes the same week that the event occurs.

♦ Losing your existing health insurance coverage
♦ Cobra expiring
♦ Turning 26 and losing coverage through a parent's plan or moving away or to college
♦ Changes in marriage, birth or adoption of children, death
♦ Gaining or losing a dependent
♦ No longer eligible for Medicaid
♦ Moving to a different zip code or county
♦ Working seasonally and losing coverage, moving to or from a shelter

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♦ Changes in your income that affect the coverage you would qualify for
♦ Becoming a US Citizen
♦ Leaving incarceration
♦ Membership into a federally recognized tribe or status change as an Alaska Native
♦ AmeriCorps members change in service

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Learn more: https://www.nevadainsuranceenrollment.com/individual-family-health-insurance/

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