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Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains How To Understand Your Emergency Room Hospital Bill

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Emergency room visits and hospital stays are generally stressful. Unfortunately, the bill you receive a few weeks later can cause nearly as much anxiety as the medical event itself. Understanding your emergency room bill, including what charges are on there and whether they are fair, can help you spot discrepancies and potentially save you money.

Get a Detailed Hospital Bill
The emergency room bill lists the major charges from your visit, including procedures, tests and any medications that were administered. If your bill is higher than expected, the first thing you should do is ask for an "itemized bill" that breaks down every charge. This can help you spot redundancies or absurdly high charges.

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Spotting Errors
Your healthcare provider is not out to cheat you and overcharge you for simple services. However, our medical system is very expensive, and medical billing is an overly complicated process. Mistakes happen. In some cases, those mistakes can cost you money, making it worth your while to check your bill carefully.

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