Should I Bundle My Home and Auto Insurance?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Presents Reasons To Bundle With One Insurance Provider

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- The 'bundle and save' phrase is popular among many insurance companies. It promises huge discounts, such as, if you get your home and auto insurance from the same carrier. While it's often true that getting two or more policies from the same company will translate to discounts, the decision as to whether or not to bundle your insurance should not be made lightly.

The Case for Bundling Your Auto and Homeowners Insurance

The Bundling Discount

Most insurance companies usually give a 5-25% discount on each policy, should you choose to bundle your insurance. Ultimately, it's cheaper to bundle as many insurance policies as possible with the same company.

Less Chance Of Being Dropped
Insurance providers can drop you as a customer if they think you've become too great a risk. Bundling can make them less likely to drop you in the event of having too many claims or violations as the more policies you bundle with them, the more valuable you are to them. However, it's not a great idea to rely on this.

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You Only Have to Deal With One Agent/One Company (unless it's a call center)
Handling just one company for all your insurance needs can make your life simpler. While these are good reasons for bundling your auto and home insurance, in some cases, using two separate providers could still be cheaper. This is why it's critical to shop around for individual quotes and bundled quotes to compare. Although not all policies are the same. The differences in policies are as vast as differences in people. No 2 policies are the same. It's important to trust that your agent understands your risks and covers you appropriately.

Why Bundling May Not Always Be the Cheaper Option

Even with a 5-15% bundle discount, it's still possible to pay less if you purchase your homeowners and auto insurance policies from different companies. Say, for example, your situation translates to an expensive auto policy but your house is modest and requires little coverage.

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