The Tow Truck Damaged My Vehicle After an Accident; What Do I Do?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Asks; Doesn't your Auto Insurance Cover This?

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- So you've been in a car accident that has left your vehicle undriveable, and the tow truck comes to take away your vehicle. A couple hours or days later, you learn that your vehicle sustained additional damage from the tow truck. Talk about adding insult to injury! To make matters even worse, you find out that unless you pay a separate deductible, the damage sustained from the tow truck won't be repaired by your auto insurance. So what do you do?

Why the Separate Deductible?

If you are at fault for a collision and you file under your auto insurance collision coverage, then it is your insurer's job to get you back to pre-loss condition. This means that any damage that resulted from that car accident will be covered. However, only damage from that car accident will be covered; if, for example, your bumper had prior damage from another accident in addition to damage from the most recent accident, only the repair for the new damage will be covered under this claim.

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This also applies to damage that occurs after the accident. While you may consider the damage from the accident and the damage from the tow truck to be all one incident, your insurer will view it differently. The damage from the accident and the damage from the tow truck are two separate incidents and will therefore require two separate claims.

Filing the Auto Insurance Claim

Regardless of who is at fault, the quickest way to have damage to your vehicle repaired is generally by filing a claim with your own insurance company. Although the damage may not have occurred as the result of an actual collision, it would still be filed under your collision coverage, as this type of coverage is for damage caused by other vehicles. Once again, this would be a separate collision claim than the one you'll file from the accident itself, and you will have to pay a separate deductible.

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