Water/Sewer Backup: Does Homeowners Insurance Cover It?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Answers What Is Water Sewer Backup Coverage?

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- A sewer backup is among a homeowner's worst nightmares. Not only is it inconvenient and unsanitary, but it can cost a small fortune to take care of. A homeowners insurance policy can help you, but not all policies include this coverage.

What Does a Standard Homeowners Insurance Policy Cover?
A standard homeowners insurance policy covers sudden and accidental water damage that comes from inside your home, such as a burst pipe or broken appliance. It also covers water damage that results from rainwater coming in through an opening caused by a named peril.

However, most water damage is not covered by a standard homeowners insurance policy. Damage from water that seeps up from the ground, flooding or a pipe that has been leaking for a while is not covered by most policies.

Damage from water that backs up through the sewers or drains is also not covered. Fortunately, most homeowners insurance companies sell water sewer backup coverage.

How Does Water Backup Coverage Work?
Water backup coverage may also be called sewer or sump pump backup coverage, and it is among the most popular endorsements that homeowners add to their policies. As its name suggests, this coverage pays for damages caused by sewage that backs up into your home through the drains. This coverage is very affordable, with most homeowners paying as little as $30 per year to add it to their policy.

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What Does Water Backup Coverage Pay For?
Most homeowners insurance companies sell water backup coverage in $5,000 increments. On average, homeowners pay between $30 and $70 for $5,000 of coverage and about $30 for every additional $5,000 in coverage. In most cases, you have to pay a deductible, or a portion of the cost for professional cleaning and repair, before your insurance pays out.

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