What Does It Mean To Defensive Drive?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Answers Are You a Defensive Driver?

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Defensive driving is a strategy that helps drivers recognize potential hazards on the road and adapt to weather and traffic conditions and the unpredictability of other drivers. Learning defensive driving habits can help you stay safe behind the wheel.

The Benefits of Defensive Driving
Defensive driving can help people reduce their odds of being involved in a car accident and gain more confidence behind the wheel. Taking a formal class may also help you reduce your auto insurance premiums or reduce the impact of a speeding ticket on your driving record.

What Do Defensive Driving Courses Teach?
Each state regulates its own defensive driving courses, tailoring the content of the lessons around state-specific laws. However, most courses contain the same basic information to help drivers learn to recognize and anticipate potential problems.

Traffic Crashes
Most defensive driving courses outline traffic crash statistics in the state, including how many crashes happen in a given year, the number of fatalities and injuries, and the most common causes. Courses may also cover information such as the financial impact that a car accident can have.

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Overcoming Psychological Factors
Lack of sleep, stress, road rage and daydreaming can take a toll on how attentive someone is while driving. To help students recognize the dangers of distracted driving, courses may highlight the importance of focusing on maintaining a positive attitude while operating a vehicle.

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