What Is Covered by The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Health Care Plans?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains What Affordable Care Act Covers

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- One benefit that consumers have under Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) Health Care Plans is that certain benefits must be included in health insurance and cannot be denied for a pre-existing condition.

Essential Benefits Included in the Affordable Health Care Act
The Affordable Health Care Act ensures that health insurance plans include essential benefits. Health insurance under the ACA must include the following benefits and these benefits cannot be denied if an individual has pre-existing health conditions.

These essential benefits include:
  • Ambulatory patient services or outpatient services you receive without being admitted to the hospital
  • Emergency services
  • Hospital stays including surgeries
  • Maternity and newborn care
  • Mental health care including substance abuse services such as psychotherapy and counseling
  • Prescription drugs
  • Doctor visits
  • Rehabilitation and therapy for individuals with injuries and chronic conditions to strengthen their mental and physical abilities
  • Lab services
  • Pediatric care including vision and dental care

Participating health insurance companies will compete on a state exchange and will vary in quality and price of health insurance offered. Because there are so many health insurance plans that are offered, it is a good idea to speak with a licensed health insurance agent.

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Preventive Services Covered
Preventive services are covered under the Affordable Care Act at no cost to the insured. This means there is no co-payment or deductible. There are specific services provided for all adults and specific benefits provided to women and children.

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