Will a Parking Ticket Effect My Auto Insurance Rate?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains How Parking Tickets Affect Your Auto Insurance

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Parking tickets! We all get them from time to time. But can they affect your auto insurance rates? Well, so long as you pay it promptly, it's unlikely that a parking ticket would affect your insurance rates.

Impact of a Parking Violation

A parking ticket is considered as a non-moving violation that doesn't carry any demerit points or have any impact on your car insurance premiums. They are issued for reasons such as parking in a no parking or street cleaning zone, expired meter, double parking, etc. Even if you get them frequently, they will not be added to your driving record and you'll eventually pay the same car insurance prices as any other driver. The majority of parking tickets issued in Las Vegas, Nevada are civil infractions that carry no jail time.

When Parking Tickets Can Affect Auto Insurance Rates

Ignoring parking tickets and refusing to pay that ticket or letting multiple tickets build-up could subject you to consequences that will see your car insurance rates go up. Unpaid parking tickets attract consequences such as;

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• Large fine amounts
• Suspension of vehicle registration preventing renewal (failure to make payment after 90 days)
• Hold or suspension of your license
• Inability to renew a driver's license

It's clear that even if parking tickets won't directly impact on your driving record, failure to pay the fines has serious consequences that will lead to high insurance rates when seeking out a new policy. An active registration is needed for you to get auto insurance so failure to renew your vehicle registration means that any time you drive, you'll be driving illegally, and if caught, you could face substantial penalties.

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