You Can Still Buy Health Insurance Direct From a Local Agent

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Explains You Can Still Buy Health Insurance From A Local Agent

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- The way health insurance is being marketed may give you the wrong impression that Nevada Health Link is the only place to buy ACA Health Insurance these days, but that is not the case. You can continue to buy your Health Insurance from the same agents and agencies you've always bought your Health Insurance from.

It is true, however, that Nevada Health Link's website is the only website you can go to get your health insurance "subsidized". This means the Government helps pay for your health insurance policy.

To use an analogy, if Nevada Health Link were an Auto Dealership, you could go to their Government Dealership and get your Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Honda, etc., but with a "subsidy" which means the Government helps you pay for your Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Honda, etc. If your income falls within a certain percentage and you qualify, the Government will help contribute each month towards the payment of your new car (or in this case, your health insurance policy).

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Continuing with our analogy, you can, however, continue to buy your Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Honda, etc., without a Government subsidy. You would go directly to the dealership and buy your vehicle, or better yet, have a local health insurance agent guide you (who knows all the health plan coverages, their networks, and drug formulary's etc.).

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