Are Ambulance Rides Covered By Health Insurance?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Answers Does Your Health Insurance Policy Cover Emergency Medical Transportation?

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Short answer is maybe. If you have a "qualified health plan (QHP)" the answer is yes. A QHP is an insurance plan that is certified by Nevada Health Link in Nevada that covers "10 essential health care benefits" including emergency transportation. You, the customer, would pay possibly a deductible, a co-payment, or co-insurance for your ambulance trip. Also, Employer Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, Tricare, and others will cover emergency transportation ambulance trips. If you have one of these types of plans, you are guaranteed coverage. Most private health insurance plans also pay for emergency medical transportation but understanding your coverage may require a little research.

If your "health insurance" policy is not a true health insurance policy but is something else like a "health coverage plan", an indemnity policy, a "discount" plan, a healthcare sharing ministry plan, or others, you'd have to look at what benefits you may have. There may or may not be any benefit for ambulance coverage. These plans are not required to cover emergency transportation. Also, check the benefits of your short-term health insurance policy for the details of coverage.

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Additionally, just as your health insurance plan has in-network hospitals and doctors, it also has in-network ambulance operators/companies. If you were taken to the hospital by an ambulance outside of your plan's network, you may be financially responsible for some or all of the bill.

If your health insurance has deductibles, co-insurance or co-pays to pay first and your ambulance trip is related to an auto accident, your auto insurance policy should provide this coverage. Also, if you have "med pay" on your auto policy, or "uninsured motorist" or if it's the other person's fault, the auto policy may help cover these costs.

Talking to an insurance agent can help you understand your health and auto insurance policies and the level of coverage you have for ambulance services.

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