Vindral and AMD Collaborate on World's First Commercially Available 8K 10-bit HDR Live Streaming at Ultra-low Latency

LAS VEGAS, April 15, 2024 ~ Las Vegas, NV - Vindral, a leading technology company based in Sweden, has announced an exciting new partnership with semiconductor manufacturer AMD. The two companies have joined forces to create the world's first 8K live streaming at ultra-low latency. This groundbreaking project was initially previewed at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in September 2023 and has now reached commercial readiness.

The partnership between Vindral and AMD will showcase the world's first 8K 10-bit HDR video technology, powered by AV1. This collaboration will provide viewers with an unparalleled streaming experience, with all viewers in sync and ultra-low latency. The demo is currently running as a full on-premise setup of the Vindral CDN at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Las Vegas, powered by AMD's Alveo MA35D.

Both companies have been working closely to ensure a viable implementation that is quality-secured and scalable. One key aspect of this collaboration is the use of adaptive bitrates, which allows for compatibility with lower-end devices and ensures a seamless streaming experience for all viewers.

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"We are thrilled to partner with AMD on this next generation of performance," said Daniel Alinder, CEO of Vindral. "As a brand that prides itself on being ahead of the curve, it was only natural for us to take this step towards 8K technology. While not widely adopted yet in the consumer market, there are numerous business cases where high-resolution content is crucial."

Sean Gardner, Head of Strategy and Market Development at AMD, also expressed his excitement about this partnership: "Given their specific focus on making high video quality possible even at ultra-low latency, Vindral is a great match for us. Our Alveo MA35D was designed specifically to enable these heavy-duty jobs at scale, making it an ideal fit for live-streaming CDNs."

The potential applications for 8K technology are vast, with industries such as XR, AI analysis, and sports betting already showing interest. "We're working at the cutting edge, demonstrating that we can do 8K today," added Alinder. "We've quickly learned that there are market segments actively seeking these types of solutions. In Japan, for example, 8K is not a distant future; many companies are already on board."

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Gardner also highlighted the potential for region-of-interest (RoI) applications, where an 8K stream from a static camera can be viewed in any 4K portion on a device. "From esports to retail and sports betting, there will always be companies looking to push the envelope," he said. "This also applies to industrial- or military-grade image recognition applications."

The demo currently on display at the NAB Show is running via an in-venue model completely on-premise. However, a public demo release online is planned for the next month, where anyone can evaluate its global performance. Whether you're looking for 4K, 8K, or beyond, Vindral invites you to visit their website and experience the future of live streaming technology.
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