Will Health Insurance Cover Rhinoplasty?

Nevada Insurance Enrollment Answers Does Health Insurance Cover a Nose Job?

LAS VEGAS - nvtip -- Nose jobs, officially referred to as rhinoplasty, are among the most common types of plastic surgery. Patients opt for this procedure for a myriad of reasons from improving their face's symmetry to alleviating breathing troubles.

Whether an individual's health insurance covers the surgery comes down to two factors, including whether it is paid for under their specific health insurance plan and whether the surgery is medically necessary.

When Does Health Insurance Cover Rhinoplasty?

Health insurance may cover a nose job if the procedure is medically necessary. If the individual does not have full function of their nose due to a deviated septum, a birth deformity, inflammation from chronic allergies, or damage from an accident or injury, the surgery may be considered medically necessary and therefore covered under their health insurance policy. The health insurance company usually requires the individual to undergo nonsurgical treatments for these issues before authorizing payment for the surgery.

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ACA-compliant health insurance plans generally cover a large portion of surgical costs for medically necessary rhinoplasty. Each plan is different, however, so before someone schedules their surgery, it is a good idea for them to determine what their cost-sharing responsibility will be.

When Does Health Insurance Not Cover Rhinoplasty?

As is the case with all elective surgeries, rhinoplasty is not covered by health insurance when the procedure is not medically necessary. Cosmetic rhinoplasty changes the overall appearance of the individual's nose by reshaping it or reducing its size. Commonly, people seek this surgery to create a narrower nose bridge or remove a bump on the bridge, reduce or widen the nostrils, straighten a crooked nose, reshape the tip, or change the angle between the nose and the upper lip.
Cosmetic rhinoplasty can provide a boost to an individual's confidence and help bring alignment to their facial features. However, while the surgery may correct some psychological problems, it does not address any medical problems. For this reason, patients generally foot the entire bill, which averages $5,483.

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